6 Food Items that Help in Building Lean Muscles


Workout is considered as only half effort towards building muscle in various parts of your body. The other half of the total effort is all about right diet. If you don’t follow the right diet plan it is close to impossible to get the right kind of strong lean muscles. The fact is workout is nothing but a means of making strong muscular tissues but a workout becomes effective only when the body gets the right diet. It is important that your body gets right kind of proteins and right diet. So stock your body with the best possible food options so that all the hard work you do at the gym yields great results for you. Mentioned below are top 6 food items that when complemented with right kind of exercise result in strong and lean muscles.

  1. Foods rich in fiber: Fiber has long been known as one of the best elements helping people to lose body fat. To begin with, fiber discourages body from absorbing unnecessary fat then it also works towards lowering the level of cholesterol in the body. Fiber is also considered as one of the main sources of slow burning carbohydrate, which is again very ideal for people who want to lose body weight. Some of the common examples of fiber rich food items are wheat, fruits, oatmeal and vegetables. These food items can also be bought as additional supplements from different health stores.
  2. Soya beans: This is again one of the favorites of people who have been building muscles for a long time. Not only are soya beans very rich in protein but they are also very low in fat and come with almost no cholesterol. Many consider them as one of the best elements of a good weight loss program. These can be eaten in different forms like bean curd, tofu etc and are very cheap to buy.
  3. Egg Whites: It is the egg whites that have all the protein in an egg. If you are planning to beef up start eating egg whites and ditch the yellow stuff. There are many health stores that also offer processed egg whites.
  4. Lean Meat: This protein rich food product is one of the best building blocks for muscle gain. For many decades now meat foods like steaks have always been a very popular food product for body builders. That being said, you should totally avoid meat with fat as it would only mess up your body building routine.
  5. Water: It is a no brainer. Some body builders even go for diuretics to lose the body liquids for making sure the muscular cuts on their body are prominent. That being said, drinking sufficient water is extremely important as working out in gym to build muscles dehydrates your body.
  6. Whey Protein: This is something that can again be bought easily from any health store. You can take these as supplements as mix them with vegetables, shakes and soups. The biggest advantage of whey protein is that it is very easy to absorb.


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